Sunday, September 9, 2012



My interaction with the divine

God said : “Today is the last day of life your life. I don’t want to design it and therefore give you the freedom to be the architect of your life.”
Curious Kamala said: “Really? I am so happy not because, today is my last day. But because I have the power to design my life myself”
God : “ Curious Kamala, what do you wish to do, considering today is your last?
Curious Kamala : “ Dance like nobody is watching me, travel like I don’t have to think of petrol or traffic, discover the wildlife, stand on the tip of the mountain and inhale deeply, laugh my lungs out, just pay one holy visit to all my friends and  family members, temples and my favorite hangouts, sleep on my mother’s lap, listen to my father’s childhood stories,dip into veda, jyotisha, arthashastra (economics),poetry,literature,philosophy…. never hold any thoughts in mind about anybody be it anger or crush …..But all said and done I want to establish an identity of my own by being an entrepreneur…..
God : All this in one day? It is an ocean ….
Ocean  Kamala : If it is a wish this is what I wish…if am the architect, this is how I would design my last day. I don’t want to dream anymore, it is time to live my dreams.
God : Thathasthu, call me when you are done…..Mrutyunjaya is not just about conquering death, it is perhaps  “your only way of life” …
Ocean  Kamala, is a mansion of thought provoking ventures having Freedom and Passion as its strong pillars . Jump into this ocean and let the waves of perseverance bless you for eternity….Indeed, life is worth it…..

Disclaimer : STOCK MARKET


You don’t have to panic on a bad day
Remember, There is always light
At the end of the tunnel

If the market is down a certain day
Be happy you have a new ray
To buy fresh is what they say

To cherish good days
You need to experience bad days
I’m Happy discovering new ways

Earlier I called dealer a butcher
later  graduated  him to be a fighter .now I declare,
Dealer as a gambler

yes, I mentioned : didn’t I ?
That profit isn’t a rare possibility
Just that loses have more frequency…

8th Aug 2011


Is it ok to be…

To be lost in thoughts and in dreams
Be in trance and ignore the present
And light a smile lasting only for a while?

To take life seriously is foolish for sure
When life in itself isn’t for sure
Life might last for a day more for you
But a day will come when you breathe your last too

Though as I child I always heard:
Do not focus on temporary happiness
Be it the relations you hold or the objects you possess
Remember, it is only the stronger that lasts longer
Now I thoroughly reconsider on all I heard

I enjoyed navaratri with different people in different places
In different ways on different days, played different roles
Each day was special in its own way
While I unwind the days I just passed, I have a new thought blossoming
Telling me “it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do,
All that matters is how you do and how you feel”

MY family, MY friends, MY feelings, MY dreams, MY life
This is where the problem lies
Being one’s biggest boon and also bane
Not realizing life is so short for anything to be called MINE
Constantly I develop relations witheverything that’s not MINE
TO LIVE LIFE NOW IS THE ONLY THING IN LIFE…. so it is ok to be …..

To be lost in thoughts and in dreams
Be in trance and ignore the present
And light a smile lasting only for a while, as





Every battle has a winner and a loser
When share value falls and clients lose their treasure,
Who is the winner: Company or the investor?
If it is neither, then who is enjoying the real butter?

We as traders customize trading calls,
For traders and investors, customizing our trading by:
Converting every investor to a trader and a trader to a loser
End of the day neither the client survives nor is the dealer left with a satisfying smile

Not that profit is a rare possibility
Just that loses have more frequency
With clients adrenaline increasing its intensity
Their stocks begin to leak financial vitality

It is a vicious circle to be lost
Once you find yourself, you don’t even want to look back
Back in B-School I remember reading ‘Trading as a zero-sum game’
Now when I look back at broking I experience trading to be a negative game

If life is about the journey and not destination
And everyday negotiation is getting to be a burden
Then it means life is calling out with a message for me to ‘MOVE ON’
Life is worth more than broking arbitration

Be it a trader or an investor,
It is broking firm that sucks the butter
Turning dealer as a butcher
Though it is he who churns the butter



(Leaving Bangalore)

Didn’t expect your journey to last so short
May be I took your stay here for granted
Or didn’t realize the intensity of your emotion
Just when I began to live – u r Leaving Bangalore

Back there in Chennai, I had a great time
Travelling beside the beach
Thinking if I could trust you on that empty road
Just when I began to trust - u r Leaving Bangalore

My emotions thrown open like an exhibition
With all its hallucination and illusion
You tuned me well being a magician
Just when I began to become a human - u r Leaving Bangalore

Blamed you when u weren’t at fault
Quit speaking when I was at fault
U helped me understand the value of a relation
Just when I began to value our relation - u r Leaving Bangalore

When prank was my food, anger my rest
Irritation my routine, insensitivity my way of life
Your silence groomed me to who I am now
Just when I found me – I see you Leaving Bangalore…..

Kamala  Bharadwaj
July 2011

Nothing doing

Nothing Doing

When I don’t understand which order to place…………….
I feel a little out of place
Struggling hard to get back to my actual pace
And trade with stocks that I can trace
How many stocks to chase
And continue this rat race
It is hard to continue these days
When I don’t understand which order to place……………

Kamala Bharadwaj

Remember : It is every broker's feeling

Remember, these are your feelings
 Just the words are mine

Life is such a repetition sometimes
With the same old place, people and work
No change in anything
Except for some mails that drop in
‘Congratulations on the new born baby’
‘Adieu, Its been a pleasant journey till date  
Today is my last day here’

Broking as an industry is shrinking
And the job security : A threatening
With each  broker here, dreaming
Of one day being crowned as a king
To finally see a racist here, heading
Be it in Franchising or Broking or even Recruiting

It is time to wake up and shine
Welcome the new day saying, it is all fine
Remember, broking isn’t your only lifeline
But be the best while you are in this line
Do not forget, while you relax and dine
That these are your feelings,
But only words are mine

8th Aug 2011