Thursday, December 23, 2021

ujjayi pranayama


UJJAYI Pranayama                  - Kamala Bharadwaj

Meaning : It means victorious to conquer or acquire by conquest . It is known as the psychic breath because of its effects on the mind


  1. Contraction of glottis

  2. Khechari + 1 (contraction of glottis)

  3. Jalandra + 1 (contraction of glottis)

  4. Jalandra + 2 (Khechari and contraction of glottis)

Psychic breath

It occurs spontaneously when concentration becomes Deep and intense.The practice of ujjayi is so simple that it can be done in any position anywhere. 

It is often used in combination with Mantra repetition ie; Japa on your Guru Mantra or so ham, hamso. It is used in meditation practices, kriya yoga and yoga nidra because it helps relax the physical body and the mind, it develops awareness of the subtle body and psychic sensitivity. It promotes internalization of senses and pratyahara.


simple Ujjayi is done with the Japa for reputation of Soham as you breathe and feel the breath move up the spine mentally repeat 'so' and as you exit and feel the breath move down the spine mentally repeat 'ham' this, can also be incorporated with asana practice for specific therapeutic purposes example

  • when practicing makarasana for sciatica for spinal spondylitis

  • shashankasana for menstrual tension insomnia and emotional disturbance.

  • It can also be incorporated into asana practice purely to increase the awareness and stimulate sushumna. 

  • Insomnia and mental tension can be highly benefited by practising Ujjayi. 

  • It is a must in the yogic management of heart disease.

CONTRA INDICATION However anyone with low blood pressure must first correct their condition before taking up the practice

Saturday, February 9, 2013



Sometimes I wonder why?

I wonder why people are so ungrateful to each others
Be it an adult/teenager being rude to his/her parents, be it sibling rivalry, be it irritable neighbors, taunting relatives, fair whether friends, nagging life partners, intolerable colleagues, ill mannered drivers on the road, corruption in the political system, bribery, nepotism, redtapism, inter country rivalry, cross border terrorism…..the list seems endless

Not all but in most cases or at least in some cases we see that there is intolerance that is building in us as a pseudo pillar stronger than our value system. So sometimes I wonder WHY?
Well, everything since birth seems to be an act for money or anything materialistic. I don’t deny its need at all but think is a 500Rs note, after all a paper note more important than a young boy’s feelings? If so, then : Sometimes I wonder WHY?

My friend’s maid is apparently the most intelligent girl I have seen. She hails from a small village and if she ever studied in a convent, I am sure she would excel a million times better than most students studying in a convent. Why then is she deprived and those least interested to attend school/college are provided with all the facilities? Why is there such a mismatch in the world : sometimes I wonder WHY?

When I see marriages between two families, mergers and acquisitions in companies, I tend to observe one thing in common and that is, the rich is getting richer and poor getting poorer. Whenever we admit kids to school/college the trend continues… if the trend continues, there is no end to bring equality in individuals’ income and wealth. Then again it makes me WONDER WHY?

Education, health, occupation, clarity of thought and action is everybody’s right. Making this available to all is everybody’s job. Instead of WONDERING WHY , I want to speak with my actions and think with aspirations. This summer I want to make every Housemaid, servant, underprivileged, handicapped feel that there is some ray of hope and there is a possibility to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.
Try getting as many individuals as possible to SATYA YOGA, let us start with education. If you want your summer to be special let us create awareness about basic education, health and banking. With this movement I want to make 10000 individuals to clear their SSLC Board exams and women and kids get an understanding about the importance of health and wellness. Also the rural India should make efforts to start investing in banks than the investing in chit funds or borrowing money from the pawn brokers.


Monday, January 28, 2013

We all need this : SATYA YOGA : YOGA FOR ALL……

There was a time when apes were our ancestors. In this evolution of man, virtually we can see the postures of a human graduating from monkey to man. So, with this one can understand, what differentiates a monkey from a man is just: “POSTURE”

YOGA is therefore the only way for civilization and human evolution. With SATYA we bring in clarity of thought and precision in posture. Hugh Prather in his book ‘Notes to Myself’ says : ‘Notes to Myself, My Struggle to Become a Person’ while I was in school and read this I wasn’t sure of what it meant. Now I realize when words of the Isha Sadguru translates my thoughts in his words as: ‘You don’t have to be a Super Human as being Human is in Itself Super’

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


“SATYA YOGA from Toddlers to Teens”

Why yoga for KIDS

Yoga is not what we have to teach the child as every pose of the child is the toughest asana for adults. Kids apparently show more interest in yoga as they are in constant motion knowingly or unknowingly. I have developed a series of creative exercises for kids keeping in mind their overall development. Toddlers’ development can be broken down to various inter-related areas like cognitive, emotional and social development. There can’t be a better instrument than YOGA to activate not only their physical and motor skills but also for sensory and cognitive development

How to reach KIDS through YOGA

For any given kids yoga class I take that basic list and add books, puppets, feathers, scarves, pompoms, parachutes, stuffed animals, musical instruments, hula hoops, card decks, hoberman spheres, rocks, balls, bean bags, craft supplies, colouring sheets, and more.


Kids of this age are familiar with the names and sounds made by animals. Yoga has asanas derived from plants, animals and almost everything that we see in the nature. I make poses of various animals like the cow,dog,giraffe,tortoise,rabbit,cobra,eagle,lion,cat,penguin,dinausaur,butterfly and many more… I also make the mountain pose, tree pose and derive asanas from objects they are familiar like the aeroplane, train and the like….

Disciplining kids of this age is not easy nor can they be blamed for being noisy. To manage the class and also to discipline their mind, I have discovered various methods which can keep them occupied creatively. Musical instruments like the bells, drums are used as signals for them to stand in a position making the art of disciplining them a game. Kids seem to enjoy this act and thoroughly involve in this activity

8-12 years

Sun salutation is introduced for this age group. Considering the amount of stress on their eyes due to lifestyle changes, I encourage a series of TRAKATA (Eye-execises) for kids. Pranayama and meditation is also introduced in a subtle way. Concentration camps are conducted by introducing a series of group activities and yoga is also taught in group

13-17 Years

When the body is just beginning to have a series of hormonal changes , Yoga helps to fine tune their body. Develops a sound mind and body balance. Anger, irritation is mellowed. Yoga for this segment comes like a packaged Personality Development Program. It includes

 Individual Yoga : wherein the Yoga enthusiast performs yoga on his/her own (Sun Salutation) and body ease exercises, Flexibility enhancing asanas.

 Paired Yoga : Kids are encouraged by assigning partners. This helps them to develop interest not only in their performance but also get considerate about their neighbours. This has proven to be of great help as students carry an understanding of ‘asking for help’, ‘volunteering to help’ and thereby develop a win-win approach in life.

 Group Yoga : This is done in groups OF 5-10. Asanas they are already familiar is done in groups so as to improve further. Each student has his/her own strong area and weak area. This gives them an opportunity to tap their potential. Though this involves a series of group activities, individual attention is always maintained.

Activities :

The various activities that are designed are internationally accepted. I have tried to bring in the conceptual understanding behind every activity. For example if we perform a

 Washing machine Activity : we are involving a lot of twisting, bending and stamina enhancing asanas. Then after a quick wash in the machine the concept of drying clothes is linked to relaxing and toning of muscles and activating the ball and socket joints.

 Animals and the sound produced: related to various forms of pranayama and shavasana (corpse pose) for complete relaxation. For example, Dog panting , Cobra hissing, Lion’s roar and many more

HOLOPHRASIS : When expressing a complex idea, a child will often omit the more familiar concepts and use only the most recently-learned word. For instance, when requesting a ball, a child is far more likely to specify "ball" than "want", instead of saying pick me up, kids only say “up”. One interesting feature of holophrasis is its economy, and its emphasis on certainty rather than conceptual completeness. Although holophrasis is non-grammatical, it forms the foundation of a child's vocabulary

Keeping this in mind a lot of objects are used to train the mind and body like the use of balloon, straw, geometrical figures, newspaper…. thereby CREATIVITY IS USED AT ITS BEST

Monday, December 31, 2012

Adieu to the KAMALAHALA 2012

Had I not stood by myself in 2012,
Kalpavruksha would have vanished from my own Halahala…..

With age and experience growing unparallel time and again
Why would I wish to rephrase the past when the reality
 Is more blissful than I could ever wish for…
It couldn’t have been better than how it was designed
From all the days I lived in 2012, there is no second thought
When I mention to you that the days spent with you, were the most blissful of all…

We call it ‘Gujli’ in Hindi n ‘Kerta’ in Kannada ‘Itching’ in English
Though it all means the same, I mention it thrice as I had it in various forms
A Gujli is like a gambler’s instinct, Kerta is being overly concerned, baselessly and
Itching is a heavy emotional attachment and reluctance to let go of people we love
Just as devotees at ‘kashi’ give up something they crave for, the most ,
On the last day of 2012, I have given up my ‘Gujli,Kerta and Itch’ of life….for life

With our mind being Mount Mandarachala and emotions like churning like
Samudra manthana
We all have these manifestations and may be,
Samudra manthana was once a poetic expression of the divine : Is my feeling by the end of 2012
As my emotions felt the same churning from within
In letting out both Airavatha and Halahala…Kamadhenu and Uchhihsravasa…..
Thanks to the Neelakantha within for swallowing my poison and letting the rest flourish

The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.mercy

This is what 2012 taught me,
That which my English professor taught years before
Took me a real life experience to understand
The depth in Shakespeare’s line……of mercy being twice blessed
Had I refused to let go, had I refrained from being tolerant
I wouldn’t have experienced the bliss I am experiencing now

Sunday, September 9, 2012



My interaction with the divine

God said : “Today is the last day of life your life. I don’t want to design it and therefore give you the freedom to be the architect of your life.”
Curious Kamala said: “Really? I am so happy not because, today is my last day. But because I have the power to design my life myself”
God : “ Curious Kamala, what do you wish to do, considering today is your last?
Curious Kamala : “ Dance like nobody is watching me, travel like I don’t have to think of petrol or traffic, discover the wildlife, stand on the tip of the mountain and inhale deeply, laugh my lungs out, just pay one holy visit to all my friends and  family members, temples and my favorite hangouts, sleep on my mother’s lap, listen to my father’s childhood stories,dip into veda, jyotisha, arthashastra (economics),poetry,literature,philosophy…. never hold any thoughts in mind about anybody be it anger or crush …..But all said and done I want to establish an identity of my own by being an entrepreneur…..
God : All this in one day? It is an ocean ….
Ocean  Kamala : If it is a wish this is what I wish…if am the architect, this is how I would design my last day. I don’t want to dream anymore, it is time to live my dreams.
God : Thathasthu, call me when you are done…..Mrutyunjaya is not just about conquering death, it is perhaps  “your only way of life” …
Ocean  Kamala, is a mansion of thought provoking ventures having Freedom and Passion as its strong pillars . Jump into this ocean and let the waves of perseverance bless you for eternity….Indeed, life is worth it…..

Disclaimer : STOCK MARKET


You don’t have to panic on a bad day
Remember, There is always light
At the end of the tunnel

If the market is down a certain day
Be happy you have a new ray
To buy fresh is what they say

To cherish good days
You need to experience bad days
I’m Happy discovering new ways

Earlier I called dealer a butcher
later  graduated  him to be a fighter .now I declare,
Dealer as a gambler

yes, I mentioned : didn’t I ?
That profit isn’t a rare possibility
Just that loses have more frequency…

8th Aug 2011


Is it ok to be…

To be lost in thoughts and in dreams
Be in trance and ignore the present
And light a smile lasting only for a while?

To take life seriously is foolish for sure
When life in itself isn’t for sure
Life might last for a day more for you
But a day will come when you breathe your last too

Though as I child I always heard:
Do not focus on temporary happiness
Be it the relations you hold or the objects you possess
Remember, it is only the stronger that lasts longer
Now I thoroughly reconsider on all I heard

I enjoyed navaratri with different people in different places
In different ways on different days, played different roles
Each day was special in its own way
While I unwind the days I just passed, I have a new thought blossoming
Telling me “it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do,
All that matters is how you do and how you feel”

MY family, MY friends, MY feelings, MY dreams, MY life
This is where the problem lies
Being one’s biggest boon and also bane
Not realizing life is so short for anything to be called MINE
Constantly I develop relations witheverything that’s not MINE
TO LIVE LIFE NOW IS THE ONLY THING IN LIFE…. so it is ok to be …..

To be lost in thoughts and in dreams
Be in trance and ignore the present
And light a smile lasting only for a while, as





Every battle has a winner and a loser
When share value falls and clients lose their treasure,
Who is the winner: Company or the investor?
If it is neither, then who is enjoying the real butter?

We as traders customize trading calls,
For traders and investors, customizing our trading by:
Converting every investor to a trader and a trader to a loser
End of the day neither the client survives nor is the dealer left with a satisfying smile

Not that profit is a rare possibility
Just that loses have more frequency
With clients adrenaline increasing its intensity
Their stocks begin to leak financial vitality

It is a vicious circle to be lost
Once you find yourself, you don’t even want to look back
Back in B-School I remember reading ‘Trading as a zero-sum game’
Now when I look back at broking I experience trading to be a negative game

If life is about the journey and not destination
And everyday negotiation is getting to be a burden
Then it means life is calling out with a message for me to ‘MOVE ON’
Life is worth more than broking arbitration

Be it a trader or an investor,
It is broking firm that sucks the butter
Turning dealer as a butcher
Though it is he who churns the butter