Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jack of all - Master of none

I firmly disagree to this statement - Jack of all - Master of none
life is one and it needs to be lived to the fullest . i want to be doing as many different things in life as possible. i enjoy many flavours in life and i want to experience almost everything in life by being in love with my life. I believe that i shud stick onto one thing for a couple of years wn it comes to my profession as it earns livelihood for me. but when it comes to life I want to experience different things like - literature, adventure sports,mountaineering,poetry,dance, music,fencing,yoga, astrology, interior designing, horse riding.... each field adind a new flavour to my life. making me feel - Yes! life is indeed beautiful and worth to be lived. change of work is rest and being action oriented is the best part of life.....

BOTTOMLINE : life is just one , make the most of it by doing as many different things as possible in life. fall in love constantly and don't live other's life. Its urs - cease it and own it and live it to the fullest

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