Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remember : It is every broker's feeling

Remember, these are your feelings
 Just the words are mine

Life is such a repetition sometimes
With the same old place, people and work
No change in anything
Except for some mails that drop in
‘Congratulations on the new born baby’
‘Adieu, Its been a pleasant journey till date  
Today is my last day here’

Broking as an industry is shrinking
And the job security : A threatening
With each  broker here, dreaming
Of one day being crowned as a king
To finally see a racist here, heading
Be it in Franchising or Broking or even Recruiting

It is time to wake up and shine
Welcome the new day saying, it is all fine
Remember, broking isn’t your only lifeline
But be the best while you are in this line
Do not forget, while you relax and dine
That these are your feelings,
But only words are mine

8th Aug 2011

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