Sunday, September 9, 2012



My interaction with the divine

God said : “Today is the last day of life your life. I don’t want to design it and therefore give you the freedom to be the architect of your life.”
Curious Kamala said: “Really? I am so happy not because, today is my last day. But because I have the power to design my life myself”
God : “ Curious Kamala, what do you wish to do, considering today is your last?
Curious Kamala : “ Dance like nobody is watching me, travel like I don’t have to think of petrol or traffic, discover the wildlife, stand on the tip of the mountain and inhale deeply, laugh my lungs out, just pay one holy visit to all my friends and  family members, temples and my favorite hangouts, sleep on my mother’s lap, listen to my father’s childhood stories,dip into veda, jyotisha, arthashastra (economics),poetry,literature,philosophy…. never hold any thoughts in mind about anybody be it anger or crush …..But all said and done I want to establish an identity of my own by being an entrepreneur…..
God : All this in one day? It is an ocean ….
Ocean  Kamala : If it is a wish this is what I wish…if am the architect, this is how I would design my last day. I don’t want to dream anymore, it is time to live my dreams.
God : Thathasthu, call me when you are done…..Mrutyunjaya is not just about conquering death, it is perhaps  “your only way of life” …
Ocean  Kamala, is a mansion of thought provoking ventures having Freedom and Passion as its strong pillars . Jump into this ocean and let the waves of perseverance bless you for eternity….Indeed, life is worth it…..

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