Sunday, September 9, 2012


(Leaving Bangalore)

Didn’t expect your journey to last so short
May be I took your stay here for granted
Or didn’t realize the intensity of your emotion
Just when I began to live – u r Leaving Bangalore

Back there in Chennai, I had a great time
Travelling beside the beach
Thinking if I could trust you on that empty road
Just when I began to trust - u r Leaving Bangalore

My emotions thrown open like an exhibition
With all its hallucination and illusion
You tuned me well being a magician
Just when I began to become a human - u r Leaving Bangalore

Blamed you when u weren’t at fault
Quit speaking when I was at fault
U helped me understand the value of a relation
Just when I began to value our relation - u r Leaving Bangalore

When prank was my food, anger my rest
Irritation my routine, insensitivity my way of life
Your silence groomed me to who I am now
Just when I found me – I see you Leaving Bangalore…..

Kamala  Bharadwaj
July 2011

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